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Here are some testimonials from people just like you.

I've been going to Catherine's classes for a year: first, to the Thursday morning classes when on maternity leave, and now I go to the Monday night class. Each week is different so never gets boring. They are really well thought out sessions and work every part of the body. When I'd just had my baby, Catherine tailored exercises to suit, and helped with low-impact variations. I really enjoy - almost look forward to (!) - Monday nights and would recommend Catherine's classes to anyone looking for a fun and friendly, but effective exercise class.

Karen, 32
I've been enjoying Catherine's circuit classes for a number of years now along with many others. Not only does she challenge you each week to push yourself further, but because so many of the same people come each week there's a lot of camaraderie. It helps, along with Catherine's encouragement, to motivate you to push harder. The classes are always a different format and I've enjoyed learning new exercises. I can't rate Catherine's classes highly enough.

Louise, 41

My fitness and strength has really improved since joining Catherine's circuit class in the park. The circuits are different each week so there's plenty of variety and the hour flies by. It's lovely to be out in the fresh air and I always feel energized afterwards. 

Rachel, 35

Catherine's circuits classes are welcoming to any, regardless of experience or current fitness levels and they pack in not only a challenging workout but a lot of fun as well! As a certified yoga instructor, I appreciate how Catherine incorporates comprehensive warm up and cool down stretching in addition to excellent descriptions about the various exercises to avoid injury. Since joining Catherine's circuits classes, I have lost over 25 pounds and more importantly feel stronger, have more energy and have come to truly enjoy a more challenging workout than ever before. 

Emma, 36

As a relatively reluctant exerciser, particularly since the births of my two kids, since when time has felt precious and pressured, Catherine has definitely had her work cut out for her!  I have now been training with her for around 10 months, doing both weekly 1-1 sessions and her fabulous outdoor group circuit classes.  From the beginning Catherine explained to me that the changes and benefits would be measurable not only in how my body looked, but how it felt in clothes, how my energy levels would improve, my stamina, and my strength.  It has been a massive and enjoyable learning curve for me as I have noticed all of those things, and that, coupled with Catherine's useful nutritional advice have led to a far better understanding of the way my body works.  Catherine's enthusiasm for health, exercise and nutrition is truly infectious, and I know that I will continue to enjoy working with her and seeing the improvements that exercise is making to my general well being.

Katrina, 35

Having spent much of my adult life yo yo dieting, I felt enough was enough!  I enlisted the help of Catherine to help come up with a nutrition plan and exercise regime to ditch the diet for good.  Catherine is friendly, professional and truly knows her stuff.  She understands the importance of putting people at ease and helping her clients really think about their eating habits rather than just saying what you can or can't eat.  I filled in a food diary and she analysed it, preparing a fully comprehensive food and nutrition plan.  We sat down and talked through the plan and I went away feeling motivated and inspired!  She even gave me a breakfast toolkit to get me started straight away! I have been, and continue to be, nothing but impressed with the level of support that Catherine has shown me and would have no hestitation in recommending her to anyone.

Fearne, 27

I'm a 30-something bloke who has undertaken a programme of personal training with Catherine as I wanted to build a bit of muscle strength without wanting to look like a 'steroid boy'. I have always been sporty with a good level of aerobic fitness but my natural build is slim. Catherine, with a very personable style, quickly recognised the high level of exercise that was present in my everyday life and gave me a programme that was realistic and tailored to my needs. She also advised me about nutrition - particularly pre and post exercise. I am really happy with the results - there is a noticeable difference in my body strength, I have seen my posture improve as a result of the focus on core strength and I get more out of the time that I spend exercising due to the improved techniques I have adopted.

Chris, 35

I have been working with Catherine since the New Year and have seen a massive change to my body shape and also my mindset towards exercise and fitness. She has helped motivate me in a way I have not had with previous personal trainers and she has made exercising fun and not monotonous. Im not someone who finds going to the gym easy and would often make excuses not to go, however Catherine has taken this onboard and made the exercises and activities that we do really varied and I never get bored. My level of fitness has improved so much and I am so much happier with how I look. I never wanted to be a size 8, I wanted to be toned and most importantly be and look healthy and I have started to achieve that with Catherine. I still have some goals that I need to reach, but I am really looking forward to doing them with Catherine. She is one of the only people who can get me motivated to do circuits at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

Rebecca, 27

I have been training with Catherine for 3 months and I have seen big results. My overall fitness has improved and it has had a big impact on my motivation and get up and go. Catherine has designed a specific programme for me. She has matched the programme to my specific requirements (to tone up and improve my overall fitness) and has made me feel motivated to workout regularly. I have always enjoyed training but often found I was doing the same thing, which became very boring, very quickly. Catherine has regularly changed my programme which has meant I have stayed interested in training and not lost my motivation. I have also been training with Catherine every Sunday morning at 8am (come rain or shine) doing circuits in my local park. Catherine has managed to keep the circuits new and exciting which has helped me stay interested in the class. I have never been a big fan of running, yet somehow Catherine has managed to get me running around the park, sometimes doing running sprints against her. I have, and still am, thoroughly enjoying training with Catherine. She has not only helped improve my fitness but has given me helpful tips about how to eat healthily and nutritiously.

Layla, 30